Basics of Baking

If I could count the amount of times I had to deconstruct something I was making and turn it into fudge or cake pops or something cause it did not bake the way I wanted it, I WOULD BE A MILLIONAIRE!

See the thing is,  baking is a very delicate thing. There are many factors that affect and impact the cake’s outcomes and they can be as simple as your mood or they can be the kind of flour you’re using. So, in today’s blog we are going to learn a few common mistakes that may occur in the kitchen while baking and find out how we can solve them so we can make a better tasting and more professional looking cake.

1 – Mood


A lot of people do not consider this to be a reasonable factor but it truly is. The better you feel while baking the better things will turn out. I have never been able to bake anything while I am mad;it always burns. So make sure you maintain a happy environment. You can do that by blasting music or playing with your cat before baking to soothe yourself (make sure to wash your hands after). 


2- Measurements

images (1)

Through work with different people, I have reached a conclusion upon some observation. Some people think it is okay to use any cup or any teaspoon when a recipe requires these measurements. There are standard cups and spoons with accurate and universal measurements that will give you the most accurate readings because they will probably be close to the recipe you are replicating. Leave the cups and cutlery for the dining table! 😉


3- Temperature


Temperature is a huge factor that can impact your baking process. In what way you may ask.. Well, in several ways. Firstly, always pre-heat your oven before using. If you don’t, you will have under-baked products. Secondly, temperature also affects chocolate and this is why chocolate workshops are usually isolated and have their own cooling systems to prevent the chocolate from turning cloudy. Lastly, fermentation. If you are making bread or anything that may contain yeast, the room must not be too cold or too hot. If the room is too cold, the product will take forever to ferment and if it is too hot it may over ferment and give a yeasty taste. So, be careful where you place your item and to what temperatures you are exposing them too.

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