Hey there! Welcome to my blog, Scrapbook of a Young Chef! My name is Dania Hankir and I am currently studying to become a chef. I made this blog to share my recipes with all of you. New recipes and old ones, even recipes requested by you guys to try out! This blog is also mainly targeted towards making the least amount of food waste as possible in many different methods. It also focuses on utilizing your food waste or leftovers into something new and delicious!

I hope that you enjoy this blog, if you want to request anything leave it in the comments, or better yet, send me a message on one of my social media accounts that will be listed below. If you have any suggestions, I am open for them!

Let’s all start making a difference and think twice before we through away any of our food. So, become part of the change and start sharing your ideas too so we can implement them together.

Have a great time on my blog and enjoy!

Kindest regards, Dania Hankir





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